School Foodservice

Unlike other agencies, Echo Communications approaches school foodservice as its own industry, completely separate from the larger foodservice sector. Since 1998, we have provided our clients with the expertise of an active school foodservice director, as we have developed educational, nutrition, food safety and Buy American programs, including educational videos, aimed at increasing purchases of California grown fruits and vegetables specifically for the school foodservice market. We have worked closely with the leadership of the School Nutrition Association and the California School Nutrition Association to present educational breakout sessions, and Buy American seminars, while also partnering one-on-one with leading school foodservice directors to promote our clients’ products. We have met with USDA leadership in order to coordinate with them on a variety of issues including the timing of bonus buys. Our annual director surveys have assisted our processors and growers to determine new products, pack sizes, and the pros and cons of ready-to-serve lunch items. In addition to our work with the National School Lunch Program, our agency has also worked with independent contractors such as Choicelunch and Revolution Foods on a variety of initiatives from website development/launch and media relations, to conducting new product research with moms.