Since 2002, Echo Communications has been partnering with clients to support work with state and federal agencies on a variety of issues from the “Buy American Provision,” to the USDA’s “Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program.” Leveraging its relationships with school foodservice directors and agricultural decision-makers, the Agency has developed communication programs that have served as the bridge between commodity groups and government organizations. Not only have these programs informed stakeholders of the important work being done by these Boards, but they have also helped to foster continued good working relationships with key decision-makers who often hold the “fate” of our small family farmer or rancher in their hands.  For the American Commodity Distribution Association (ACDA), the Agency rebranded and repositioned this group, launched the association’s first interactive website, while also promoting commodity board nutritional studies to keynote audiences in order to reach a wide spectrum of buyers and decision-makers.


On a local level, the Agency has a solid track record of partnering with effective grant writers to secure funds including Specialty Crop Block Grants from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Grant funding has allowed our clients the freedom to work with us to create and then fund programs that they otherwise could not have afforded. Grant-funded programs have included nutrition research, qualitative and quantitative consumer research studies, retail sampling programs, video production, research publication, orchard and field tours, social and traditional media campaigns, and website development.