Everyday Brands

Our end-goal with our Everyday Brand clients is to identify key components—that part of the brand’s story with the most appeal—to highlight, in order to broaden awareness and re-connect with core customers. From crafting public relations campaigns that focus on both short- and long-term press coverage, launching influencer campaigns to give products a third-party endorsement or conducting marketing research to explore and identify new avenues of promotion, Echo Communications works hard to find just the right angle to ultimately promote our clients’ products. We’ve worked with a handful of clients that fall under this category, including Mi Rancho Tortillas, Lindsay Olives, Jif Peanut Butter, Jamba Juice, Otis Spunkmeyer and Del Monte Foods for whom we launched the campaigns for Orchard Select, Fresh Cut Tomatoes, Naturally Flavored Fruits, Fruit Smoothie Blenders, Very Cherry Mixed Fruit, and Contadina Spaghetti Sauce.